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Child care

Whether we want it or not children are pictures of ourselves. They look like we do, they have similar nature like we have and they also behave like we do. The last heritage is the most important. We are responsible for our children's behavior and this responsibility starts with the first day, we find out that we are expecting baby and our responsibility is really important in the early care. We should be sensitive parents and provide a safe haven to our child.

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Let your instinct do the job

And what the sensitive care means? It is mostly about quick and right reactions on our baby's signals (in most cases various kind of cry), the positive interaction with the baby and feeling of safety. You already know what this is about... let your instincts do their job. Your baby is satisfied, when you are satisfied. When your baby cries the first thing you want to do is to go and find out what is wrong, to take him into your arms, help him somehow and please him. So do it that is exactly the right thing to do.

What to do if your baby cries

You shouldn't let your baby cry longer than is necessary. Children don't cry to make us angry or consciously enforce our attention, they are just unhappy because of something and don't know how to handle it alone. There aren't many reasons for crying.

  • psychological discomfort
  • hunger
  • wet and dirty buttocks
  • pain in tummy

Psychological discomfort

One of the greatest needs of the newborns is physical skin to skin contact (congenital, specifically human). You can satisfy it in natural situations (bathing, dressing etc.) or cradle naked child in your arms. Newborn is a complete human being and with screaming seeks social contact with mother or another close person, because the baby doesn't want to be alone, she wants to hear human voice (ideally mother's), wants to watch human faces and feel safe in your arms. You should provide her all of these needs. Otherwise the baby may have the feeling you have abandoned her and she is alone, is left by mercy to all of the dangerous of the world.   

If you want to calm the baby the first thing is to show him your face, smile and talk to him to hear the human voice (ideally mother's or father's), take him into arms to feel the safety. The incorrect response is the immediate attaching the baby to the breast (even if the child is filled, you can recognize it by the character of sucking). Few know that normal physiological manifestation of a child may not be a sign of hunger (e.g. sucking fingers - it is a normal developmental phenomenon often used to relieve pain belly or it is source of pleasure in the mouth). Sucking fingers soothed the child and "enjoyed" him during intrauterine life already from 8 to 10 week. And the search reflex is also not always a sign of hunger.

Toughen the feeling of safety can provide by breastfeeding, wearing in the scarf, sleeping in the bed next to yours, immediate friendly response to babies cries, as well as regular rituals and physical closeness. For a child, it is also very beneficial if you explain him what you do with him and what will happen next. In addition, the child will not feel confused and harrowing for parents and this explaining will expand his vocabulary.

Child care


If you are sure the reason of cry is hunger then you should feed the baby (the unbridled roar will stop in the moment your child will be sure you are going to feed him - rolled up T-shirt, taking the nursing bottle etc.).

Wet and dirty buttocks

In case that your baby cries because of wet and dirty buttocks you should change him as quickly as possible (a lot of children won't stop their cry until the dirty diaper is gone, but then they will please you with a nice smile, cute gurgle or simply a peaceful silent).

Child care

Pain in tummy

Another reason of cry is a pain in tummy and for stopping it you can get your child a medicine or (and this should be the first option) try to do some exercise or massage with your baby, best in the playful way (learn some nursery rhymes and songs or you can invent your own). The belly to belly contact (naked skin is better by mother or father and the baby) also helps to sooth infant colic.

To be a good parent should be our nature. So be good (to your baby, partner, family, friends etc.) and your baby will be nice to you.

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