What accessories buy for a newborn?

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Some say that the decision to have a baby is a matter of money. Well, it is, but it doesn't mean that you have to be rich to give your baby everything she needs. There are always possibilities what kind of accessories to buy and in some cases you can even handle with tools you already have at home. We will analyze basic accessories you should prepare for your newborn. It won't be about clothes, because that is written in Don't buy too many clothes for newborn.

You should think about what to prepare for sleeping, baby changing, bathing and transport.

Sleeping accessories

Child accessories

It is good to have a crib and a mattress even if your baby will sleep with you in your bed. You can place your baby to a crib during the day and don't worry she will fall down. It's handy to have two crib sheets, which can be waterproof or buy a mattress protector. It is not necesarry to have special quilt for crib, you can buy or knit some universal blanket you will use in many ways (crib, playing on the floor, stroller etc.). Newborns like to sleep in a swaddle or wrap, because they are used to small room from your womb. For your better sleeping you can buy a breathing baby monitor to know your child is ok during its sleep. For great comfort you may buy a sheepskin pad, it will warm the baby in winter and cool her in summer. 

Recommended accessories for sleeping

  • crib
  • mattress
  • two waterproof sheets or two sheets and one mattress protector
  • swaddle
  • breathing baby monitor

Luxury accessories for sleeping

  • cradle
  • bassinet
  • baby monitor or video monitor
  • crib mobile

Baby changing accessories

It's up to you which way of baby changing you choose. The easiest but most expensive is to buy disposable diapers, for newborn you should prepare size one. But you will also need about ten flat cloth diapers under baby's head, for vomits, against sun rays and others. Cheaper way is using cloth diapers also for buttocks and about this way you can read in Basics in cloth diapering. No matter what kind of diapers your baby will wear you will appreciate changing pad. There are a lot of kinds of these from changing pad cover you can lay on your bed or on the floor to changing tables as a piece of furniture. It is also better to have few of disposable or one travel changing pads for doctor and friends visits.

For cleaning your baby's buttocks you can use wet wipes, but be careful because some of them contain a lot of chemicals. Purer is to clean baby's skin with cloth or dry paper wipes and water. If the skin is irritated you should use baby oil instead of water.

Child accessories

Necessary accessories for baby changing

  • ten flat cloth diapers
  • disposable diapers or cloth diapers
  • wet wipes or cloth wipes

Recommended accessories for baby changing

  • changing pad for home and travel changing pad (can be disposable)
  • cream for nappy rash

Luxury accessories for baby changing

  • changing table

Bathing accessories

Child accessories

If you have a bathtub you shouldn't buy any special baby bathtub, your baby will be satisfied with the big one. But you have to be careful and put the baby to the tub slowly and do only slow motion to avoid fear from a big room. Anyway if you have only shower at home you have to buy a baby bathtub or bath "bucket". It's not necessary to measure water temperature with thermometer you can use your forearm instead. Be aware what kind of cosmetic to use for cleaning your baby's skin because it's very sensitive. You may wash the baby with your bare hands or with washcloth. For toweling you can use flat cloth diapers or buy towels for baby e.g. from bamboo or with cute hood.

After bathing you should clean baby's ears with cotton squares but not every day, just in case of need. For combing hair, if she has some, use special hairbrush with soft bristles. It does massages to your baby's head and scrapes the dry skin. Nails grew very quickly and you will have to cut them often with special scissors with round top but with most carefulness you can use your own manicure scissors. When the baby's nose is full you need suction aspirator (hand-operated or special machine).

Necessary accessories for bathing

  • baby bathtub if you haven't bathtub
  • cotton squares
  • hairbrush with soft bristles
  • suction aspirator

Recommended accessories for bathing

  • two wash cloths
  • two baby towels

Luxury accessories for bathing

  • baby bathtub or bath "bucket"
  • bath thermometer
  • bath cosmetics
  • baby nail scissors

Traveling accessories

After parturition make walks with your baby, they love the fresh air. The most used instrument for traveling is stroller travel system, where are three ways of use (pram, stroller and car seat) and there are lots of them, so you will definitely find the one which will satisfied you. In these days more and more mothers wear the baby in a wrap or carrier, but it is still good to have some stroller in case you won't be able to carry the baby. When you travel on bigger distance you will need car seat. Don't save on this purchase, this tool has to be really quality and proven, if you want to buy second-hand car seat, buy it rather from a friend, then you ill be sure the car seat wasn't crashed. The car seat you can also use later as a feeding chair.

Child accessories

Necessary accessories for traveling

  • stroller travel system

Recommended accessories for traveling

  • wrap or carrier

Luxury accessories for traveling

  • pram
  • stroller

You can provide to your child an excellent care with low budget, because what really matters is your love, don't forget this!

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