How to care for baby's skin

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In the first place in the care of children's skin is her cleanliness. Exaggerated hygiene and use of excessive numbers of scented cosmetics can be as dangerous as a lack of hygiene.

Baby after bath

The skin should be kept in reasonably dry and preferably non-irritant environment. Small children, who do not have their excretory processes under control, are threatened (by inappropriate treatment technique ofintimate areas) by emergence of diaper rash. Frequent changing is very important in protecting the sensitive children's skin from the aggressive action of urine and feces. Consistent care of the nappy area is then the best prevention of diaper rash and skin infections.

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Care for baby's skin begins with appropriate clothing and modifying the environment of the child. Suitable clothing leak, doesn't irritate, is breathable, does not lead to overheating and increased sweating and evaporating in particular skin folds where the skin touches each other. The same applies to footwear. In the bottom layer of the garment contact with the skin, especially in newborns, infants and older children in sporting activities, it is recommended to prioritize cotton materials that can be washed at least at 60 degrees. For washing there should be used gentle detergents tested for age and linen should be properly rinsed. It is not recommend to use fabric softener (especially in atopic children). If you have a newborn at home, remember that the baby remains the most pleasant parfume the scent of mother and mother's milk. Any other essence - whether from fabric softeners, perfumes or deodorants nursing mothers - can act mildly distracting in creating the right social bond between mother and her child. You should wash new clothes before use, and remove all internal tags which could irritate the skin. Maintain cleanliness of clothing and bed linen. Ensure that the children slept in the open dress, older children without panties, ventilate regularly and change bedding as a precaution against fungi, bacteria and mites. Because of this it is also highly recommended to iron clothing and bedding.

Bathing and showering

Previously it was recommended to bath newborns and toddlers daily, today the trend is different - an evening bath is becoming more a matter of ritual as a nice end of the day when immediate contact with parents during bathing and gentle skin massage with towel helps to soothe and prepare the child for the evening sleep. Every day is enough to wash baby's face, hands and places of possible evaporating - buttocks and skin folds on the neck and armpits. The optimum frequency of the bath is every other day, the length of bath should be 5 minutes for newborns and max 15 min for older children. The water temperature should be about 36-37 °C.

Baby bath

Baby soap containing glycerol is most suitable for washing the skin. It is ecommended to soap regularly only places of wet evaporating, arms, legs and buttocks. For the entire body it is possible to use the soap once a week. Skin cleansing perform with clean warm water, which softens the skin and removes impurity easily. You can also shower your baby, the advantage of it is immediate flushing of dirt, shorter treatment time of cleaning detergents and refreshing effect affecting the circulatory flow of water.

Bath accessories

After bath care

Drying the baby after the bath you should perform with a soft towel by repeated application.Healthy skin does not need to be larded after bathing, but it is appropriate to use creamy cleansing composition to maintain its softness and smoothness. If the child has dry skin, it is advisable to oil it with ointments or creams, preferably on a natural base such as petrolatum or lanolin, which always apply in a thin layer.

Baby changing

Daily treatment of baby skin usually consists of cleansing the skin of impurities. To do this, the majority of mothers uses wet sanitary napkins. These wipes clean the skin and care about it due special substances which are impregnated with, so it is not necessary of continuin care, but pay insufficient attention to the composition of these napkins and don't use them too often. It is best to wash the skin with a washcloth and warm water and then treat the skin with greasing medium. It is necessary to lightly greased abdomen, neck and face with children cream after each washing with soap. When choosing a day cream and wet wipes you should avoid all kinds that could irritate your baby's skin. Children's cosmetics should be free of dyes and should not contain too much preservatives and perfume substances. A lot of mothers often do not realize it, but plant extracts can also be a powerful allergen.

Let's not forget that skin is a mirror of the state of health of the whole organism, and therefore we have to care for her attention.

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