• "Having one child<br>makes you a parent,<br>having two you are<br>a referee."<span class="author">David Frost</span> "Having one child
    makes you a parent,
    having two you are
    a referee."David Frost
  • "There was never<br>a child so lovely<br>but his mother was glad<br>to get him to sleep."<span class="author">Ralph Waldo Emerson</span>
"There was never
    a child so lovely
    but his mother was glad
    to get him to sleep."Ralph Waldo Emerson
  • "All grown-ups were once<br>children, but only few<br>of them remember it."<span class="author">Michel de Montaigne</span>
"All grown-ups were once
    children, but only few
    of them remember it."Michel de Montaigne
  • "Little children have a lot<br>in common with intellectuals.<br>Their noise is annoying,<br>their silence is suspicious."<span class="author">Gabriel Laub</span> "Little children have a lot
    in common with intellectuals.
    Their noise is annoying,
    their silence is suspicious."Gabriel Laub
  • "The soul is healed<br>by being with children."<span class="author">Fyodor Dostoyevsky</span> "The soul is healed
    by being with children."Fyodor Dostoyevsky

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